We're the Ladybugs, and we're full of energy and excitement.  At this age, we're hitting several age-appropriate milestones, such as: 

  • Knowing at least 4 different colors

  • Counting at least from 1-10

  • Understanding time, and using future tense "Can we play tomorrow?"

  • Able to draw triangles and other geometric shapes

  • Hopping on one foot

But at Compass, our teachers know we're capable of this and more. Which is why we'll often know more than four colors, and be able to count from 1-20 (and keep going).  Not only can we hop on one foot, we can somersault, and even dance.  Kindergarten is a year away, but we'll be more than ready.

There are two preschool lessons daily.

9:00 - 11:00 After the morning snack, Circle Time is fun time for our Ladybugs.  Our focus is literacy and math.  Having learned all the letters, the children focus on writing their names. Their handwriting continues to get better. When you pick up your kids, you'll see well-written numbers, letters and shapes.  

3:00 - 4:00 In order to accommodate their attention span, Compass teachers use stations.  The children work in small groups.  Utilizing hands-on learning, the children play with sand, water and magnets.  They're knocking on the door of science, we want them to crash through it.  The best part about it all is they discover how much fun learning can be.