Cottonwood Heights

Bumblebees (2-3 years):

We're the Bumblebees.  By the time we're two, we are widely aware of the world around us.  We start to use symbols, and play make-believe.  At Compass, our teachers know the way we learn by active play.  They talk to us, sing us songs and ask questions to help our young minds grow.

Each month we learn:

  • 3 letters 
  • 2 numbers
  • 2 colors
  • 1 shape

There are two preschool sessions daily.

9:00 - 11:00: After our morning snack, we use Circle Time to learn numbers, letters, colors and shapes! After that, we have show and tell. The morning session is designed to fill your little ones with confidence.

3:00-4:30: The toddlers continue to enjoy learning with sensory time, as well as arts & crafts. Hands-on learning is an ideal way for young minds to learn new things.  As with all of our classes at the Cottonwood Heights location, the teachers speak Spanish for half of each day. This gives your child an opportunity to learn a new language during the years their brain is most able to.


Bumblebee sized toilet for potty training


Bumblebee room


Bumblebee cubbies and reading chair