Cottonwood Heights

Butterflies/grasshoppers (6 years-up):

Hello from the big kids on campus!  We're the Butterflies&Grasshoppers.  While most of our day is spent in grade school, we enjoy our time at Compass because "Learning is lifelong".  We have fun things to do before and after school.  And the after-school program really encourages us to be our best.

Before School: We start each child's day with breakfast. Numerous studies show the importance of a quality meal in the morning.  Breakfast kickstarts metabolism, and if started early, helps children develop healthy eating habits in life.  But most important, a good breakfast helps boost a child's brainpower.  Memory, attention and processing speed are all enhanced by eating breakfast.  

After School: The Compass staff works with your children on their math, science and writing homework. Our goal is to encourage them and help them develop good study habits.  By completing their homework during after-school, kids and parents now have more time for sports, going on a walk or other fun things.  


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